Shoshana Sadia is a feminine ritualist and mentor for spiritually conscious women who feel overwhelmed and disconnected from their sense of identity and purpose.

Her programs offer a simple and powerful way to embody your entire cycle on a physical and esoteric level.

Unlike other cycle based programs that only give you mindfulness practices, her teachings offer an integrated feminine based approach to embody your entire cycle through nutrition, sexuality, and movement, combining sacred spiritual teachings with grounded holistic guidance.

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Blood mysteries

 Blood mysteries is our 8 week, signature online group coaching immersion that aligns you to the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle.

You will learn how to rise in love with your cyclical feminine body and get guidance on how to make your menstruation sacred.


The main focus is on consciously relating to self and others. We do this by guiding you to reconnect and reclaim parts of you that you may have abandoned or suppressed. 

I am deeply committed to giving you my full presence and allow you to express freely through asking the questions that inspire self-reflection and facilitate an expansion in your perception and awareness

Ultimately, through this process, you will have the opportunity to fall deeply in love with your self. 


The Ritual

This includes personally designed rituals and holistic guidance for women who want to harness the power of their bleed and wombs.
Do you feel like your body is working against you?
Through understanding the nature of your cyclical body you reclaim your self-esteem, confidence and ultimately your feminine power.

What is a women’s Empowerment MEntor?


My mission is to empower women to have a deep sustainable relationship with themselves, so they can live a life of authenticity and empowered vulnerability.

I do this by  navigating you back to your feminine flow in all areas of your life. My intention is for you to discover your own healing, insights and direction.

Through this you will embody deeper levels of self-acceptance and connection through the reclaiming of your self, sensuality and bodily wisdom. 

Feminine Flow Framework

Menstrual Mapping

The nature of the feminine is cyclic. We follow our own feminine rhythms. The menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle. The bigger cycle is the woman’s life cycle, they relate to our movements, energy levels, sexual desires and creative impulses . As modern day women, we can use phase alignment as our greatest ally.

Emotional Embodiment

We can embrace the intense emotional states exploring through sound, movement and inner awareness through feminine embodiment practices. Our bodies hold the truths of our emotional blocks. It is by allowing & being in our vulnerability, that we embrace the true power of ourselves. We welcome our full spectrum of human-ness our shadow and our light. 

Inner Work

This primarily happens within the body, contrary to the use of intellect, we are listening and engaging with the body as a channel. It is the innate bodily wisdom. A process whereby you strip away and uncover the unconscious patterns, stories, programming and shame blocking you from accessing your full potential. Empowering fear with love and acceptance.

Outer Work

By balancing our inner world and outer self-care, it gives us the opportunity to fall back in love with our native rhythms in an embodied feminine, sensual and intuitive way. I can help you find your Inner and outer radiance through cultivating balance and self-love across all aspects of your life

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Your future self will thank you for making this investment into your wellbeing.